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Since its creation in 1958 in Genève, by Mr. Muller (Muller and Co.) MULCO quickly became a prestigious brand that stood head to head with other competitive Swiss watches. With its sophisticated designs and impeccable quality, MULCO superseded the expectations of the demanding European, American and Latin American markets.

MULCO maintained its rank in the market until it was bought by one of its competitors in 1973. The following three decades the brand remained a sleeping giant only to be reawakened in 2006 by a visionary group of entrepreneurs.

Never forgotten by its followers for its impressive lines and distinguished quality, MULCO stood the test of time, mesmerizing customers once more with the brand’s new look. MULCO Watches, Inc. gathered a dynamic group of fashion designers, watch technicians and specialist, so together, they created the best timepiece one could ever wear; a fashionable yet unique collection of bold new models with playful vibrant colors, original textures and solid materials. Most importantly, the new MULCO inherited the classic seal of quality that people have come to expect from the brand. MULCO is now committed to continue this legacy by constantly develop sophisticated and fashionable the watches; altogether creating the best timepiece you can wear MULCO forever designing time.

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Ilusion Crescent


Los relojes Mulco debido a su cercanía al mundo de la moda y del arte busca crear diseños para todos los gustos y tendencias con el fin de que cada individuo pueda expresar su personalidad a través de su vestimenta.

Precio COP: $ 689.000 a $ 2´214.000


Con un dinámico grupo de diseñadores de moda, relojeros, especialistas crearon la mejor pieza de relojería que alguien pueda llevar; una moderna y única colección de nuevos modelos con colores vibrantes, texturas originales y materiales sólidos. Ahora más que nunca se siente comprometido a continuar su legado desarrollando constantemente relojes modernos y sofisticados; creando la mejor pieza de relojería que alguien pueda usar.

MULCO forever designing time.

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